Law In Our Life

Law is something which to regulate and to compel everyone. The function of the laws are make safety, regularity, and prosperity in the society. And who run against the law he/she will get punishment suitable with his/her mistake. So, with the law we can to make peace in our life.


We need law in our life for make our life regularly. We know that we have life principle, activity, and purpose of life which difference with the another people. Why this happen? Because everyone have various character, good character like: patience, confidant, and calm or bad character like: egoist, splitfire, and conceited. So, from difference we can have some conflict and problem with the another people.


In this situation, law will work to regulate everyone. Because is not possible to make principle, activity, and purpose of life everyone same with another people. So, law will regulate everyone for make justice in society. Law not discriminate someone from riches and status because law is neutral. And, who not obey the law, he/she will get punishment suitable with his/her mistake.


We can to imagine if without law in our life. Will be confused, conflict and sheltered in our life. And maybe, we can be wild like animal because we can do anything what we want. And then “the strong” will to conquer “the weak” to survive in the life.


In the modern era, law have important participation to make world peace. Because we know that now many people have egoist character. So, they will do anything to get what they want. For example in Indonesian we can find many people do corruption practice. In this problem, be a new rule of law (In Indonesian is “UU Tipikor”) to solve corruption problem.


So, we can not life without law because we need law in our life. Law is very important for make justice in the society and make world peace. Every state in the world have the law to regulate their society. And we must be remember that law is not discriminate someone because law is neutral.

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